A Quick Look at Surfboard Sustainability — Kirk Coburn

photo of assorted colored boats

If you love surfing and the environment you will not want to miss this post by KIRKCOBURN. In it you will learn some important things about sustainable surfing. Click here for the full post: https://kirkcoburn.com/2021/08/05/a-quick-look-at-surfboard-sustainability-and-environmentalism-in-2020/

Surfing continues being one of the greatest of all sports that places one right in the middle of nature and… well, a few monstrous waves. With that comes more awareness of surfboard sustainability, especially with eco-conscious surfers. Many surfers take this more seriously nowadays and look for surfboards with eco-materials. Surfboard brands with eco-manufacturing do exist. […]

Surfboard Sustainability Part I: A Quick Look at Surfboard Sustainability and Environmentalism in 2021 — Kirk Coburn

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